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    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

    Harmonicas The Harmonicas are sold to professional Musicians, amateurs, and beginners, in diatonic or chromatic, of the brands with the highest quality, Hohner, Suzuki, Lee Oskar, brands "cheap" quality to be correct, as a Swan. For a start, the ideal is to acquire a harmonica corresponding to the type of music that you prefer. In general, one can choose the Diatonic for lovers of music : Blues, Folk, Country, Ethnic... and the Color for fans of Classical, Jazz, Variety, Pop...Also we can use the harmonica tremolo or double rangeés to the accompaniment of the Folk music or the musette. finally, some harmonicas can be used for different types of music. The Diatonic is a harmonica that has multiple resources, and can get all the chromatic notes, which allows you to play many titles and music, including Jazz, for example, to get that kind of result, it is necessary to possess a technique asserted. The color will be less experience for a similar result. To choose a harmonica diatonic, it will be necessary to ensure the following points, the sealing of the instrument, with screw clamping, with a slatted plastic, with Lee oskar and Suzuki, you can find your happiness. You can also choose a box spring metal -, wood at Hohner and Suzuki, prices are higher, but go with a perfect quality. For the Color, it would be better to concentrate on harmonicas with 12 holes instead of 10, which are more limited, the 14 or 16 holes lead to a length that adds to the difficulty. The range of prices exists in color, different type of construction, however, the three brands are the most recommended, for the quality manufacturing, and their extended range, are Hohner, Suzuki and Lee oskar.