Who are we ?

The company "The Box of Reeds" is a limited liability company established in 2006, which is specialized in the distribution of reeds, and all types of accessories to destination saxophonists clarinetists and hautboïstes.

A " Box Reeds ", we share the same vision of our business is centred on the Musicians. We are not mere distributors, but providers of a comprehensive service, efficient and at the best price for you Musicians we respond to your needs and desires, we ensure your well-being when you play your instrument and allow you to get the best and support you in your technical developments and your research sound.

Our team

We are a dynamic team, dedicated to your service and united around a common vision.

Manual graduate school of commerce, is in charge of the smooth running of the operations and participates in the development of the strategy and marketing. It is a music enthusiast for a long time.

Thierry, a seasoned entrepreneur having held management positions within large companies is taking care of the marketing strategy (coherence of the commercial offer with the market, development of the activity). In good saxophonist, he is continuously looking for originality in the sound.

Jerome a computer scientist is in charge of the maintenance and the proper functioning of our website of which he is the architect. Amateur musician, he is the organiser of a festival in the East of France.


In accordance with our basic idea, we aim at :

- to provide you with a comprehensive selection of reeds in reed and synthetic, spoutsand accessories but also partitions, methods, and other learning materials so, whatever your search, you will find the product that suits you the best.

- to offer you a service at the time efficient, responsive and personalized in order to bring you the best in your choice and answer all your questions.

In order to achieve these objectives, we rely on a know-how, developed over 10 years in contact with musicians :

A development of our range of products

The reeds

In addition to the agreements we already have with the distributors of the major brands of reeds, we are always seeking to enrich our offer with brands more "confidential" but the quality is at the destination of musicians anxious to further customize their approach.


The wide range of accessories that we offer is enriched with not only new brands or models, but also new types of accessories in order to respond to a request more important and more demanding.

The section " Library "

We put at your disposal a section "Library" which offers, in addition to our offer of the reeds and accessories, all learning materials paper and media that are likely to foster your evolution, whether you are a musician, beginner or seasoned.

A development of a successful customer service and " tailor-made "

As service providers, it is our duty to care, not only to provide you with the product that you are looking for, but mainly that this will be in the best conditions.

Attractive prices and efficient logistics and innovative

The great reliability we have gained over the years with our suppliers, and our level of activity enables us to offer you products at competitive prices and to maintain a large stock in order to guarantee you the delivery lead times among the shortest.

Thanks to the flexibility we have with the majority of our suppliers we let you enjoy our ability to help you out if you let us know of urgent needs some products on the occasion of a concert or an exam ... and this, even if they are not in stock

In addition the internet price is extremely competitive we can offer you a offer to deliver differentiated to match your needs including our solution the Point of Removal : you order, you pay no delivery fees and a few hours later(1) we will notify you that your order is ready at our point withdrawal :

71, avenue Ledru Rollin

75012 Paris

Zero delivery charges and less than 24 hours time, this is the Internet with the flexibility store !

Finally, in addition to our promotional spot, we have chosen to reward you for your loyalty throughout the year by providing you with pay on 2 month 3 no-fee chequing additonnels all orders over 150€ TTC(2).

A quality listening and responsiveness

Has "The Box to the Reeds" your questions and concerns are a priority for us, and for this, all of your solicitations by telephone or e-mail will be duly processed and we are committed to make a response within 24 hours.

More importantly, " The Reeds ", your needs and desires are at the centre of our thinking to this we attach particular importance and are at your disposal to guide us in our development and the improvement of our activity, we, therefore, strongly encourage to send us your comments, suggestions or questions.

A site reliable and ergonomic

We are committed to offer a user experience pleasant and satisfactory on our site, for this we continuously update our solutions secure payment 3D Secure and offer a multitude of forms of payment (PayPal, BNP, bank transfer, cheque)

(1) For products in stock

(2) 1 cheque at time of order : 50% ; 2nd cheque to 30 days : 25%; 3rd check at 60 days : 25%

Our commitments

- A full range ofreeds, accessories and learning media

- An important level of stocks to attractive prices

- An ability to respond to your urgent needs

- A response to your questions under 24 hours

- delivery charges from 0€ and time performing that may be less than 24 hours

- payment solutionsreliable and adapted your means