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    Melodica Suzuki PRO 37 V2 37 keys color ivory and black, blades alloy special phosphorus bronze rectified in the workshop. Response and power high-level body with an acoustic chamber, develops a great resonance, key water 2 mouths and 1 Flexible, thong maintenance, delivered in soft case, leather finish burr walnut and edged in gold. Voted best Melodica...

    245,83 €
      No tax

    Expédié sous 5 à 10 jours
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

The Mélodicas

Suzuki and Hohner are the creators of the Melodica in the early 1950s.

The Melodica meeting for a success and a popularity unwavering amongst amateur musicians and professionals.

The Melodica is a wind musical instrument, particularly to reeds, it is similar to the Harmonica.

However, it is made up a keyboard, may vary d'an octave and a half to three octaves the sound is obtained by blowing into the mouthpiece of the instrument, located generally on the side of the keyboard.

The pressure exerted on a key, allows the air to pass through the reed chosen, and we get a note.

For Hohner it is available in several versions from 25 to 37 keys, different colours, small, lightweight,handy, portable, the Melodica is an instrument of music in full, that has seduced many music schools.

Always made in Japan, the Mélodicas Suzuki represent a very wide range of models, whose reliability and accuracy are recognized in the world.

One of the models of the brand, Suzuki, has been voted the best Melodica by the users, the keyboard is a treat, no excessive noise, three octaves to express this is awesome !!!