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Double-reed. There are 24 products.

Showing 1 - 24 of 24 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 24 items

Neuranther, Berthelot, Glotin, Vandoren, Rigotti, Marca, an important choice of Reeds double the Reed, ready to play, supplies, and tools, in order to make either-even his double-Reed, recreating the game you want to play. The reeds, thread, tools, we offer a full range of tools, for the implementation of the manufacturing of your Reeds.

The double Reed consists of two strips of reeds mounted on a hollow tube of brass, covered with cork for Oboe, that the one sinks in the upper part of the instruments.

The aim is to vibrate these two strips of reeds, with the breath of the musician, brought to the fore by the Oboe, Bassoon, or English Horn.

A double Reed is sensitive to differences in temperature, humidity, altitude (air Pressure) and she has more mood swings !

A Hauboiste distinguished, spends most of his time petting these Reeds are double, in the hope of correcting the influence of all these elements is difficult controlables. a double Reed, which we can do nothing more get it is called "Leek". therefore, it is very difficult to meet with a double Reed which is perfect.

For Hauboistes beginners, we offer several products, among the best factors of the reeds doubles on the market : Neuranther, Glotin, Rigotti, Marca, Vandoren ( France ), Jones, Emerald, Faxx ( USA ).

The brand Glotin is recognized for the quality of these reeds, as well as the perfect finish to his collection of Reeds double. Glotin has developed a manufacturing of the Reeds doubles, mounted on a tube of 47 mm, opening and thickness medium.

These Reeds doubles will be completed by the Hautboistes themselves, they will scratch, according to their requirements (Strengths : Soft and medium.)

Rigotti, with plantations of Provence that it operates in the Var, we caters in France, and exports the Reeds of Clarinets, Reeds, Saxophone, Reeds, double Oboe, Bassoon and English Horn in the world ( Europe, USA, Japan etc...), their timbre and warm-colored make a double Reed at the subtle sound, for the amateur and the professional demanding.

Marca is installed in the Var, Ollioules since 1957 :

A control of the different stages of production, constant trials by sampling with good professionals, is a product that is appreciable.

Berthelot, a Society created by Jany Berthelot, is a specialist in the double Reed, and only the double Reed, a lover of Hautboistes, of the highest quality, it also manufactures Accessories, a full range of hardware for the perfect hautboiste, Arrow, Guillotine choke, Prégouge, Gouge, Size.

Finally, it no longer Vandoren, a French Company of instrument, founded in 1905 by Eugene Vandoren.

Leader on the market of the Reeds of Clarinets and Reeds of Saxophones, Vandoren also manufactures a range of Reeds double of very high quality, from the production of its own Cane of Provence, Vandoren exports in the whole world, his brand is without a doubt the most recognized in the world, for the excellence and consistency of these products.