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Reed in cane of Provence, Reed, synthetic, or Reed cane of Provence+synthetic, Vandoren, Rico, D'addario, Selmer, Rigotti, Marca, Gonzalez, Fibracell, Lightweight, Bari, Plasticover....All brands, all strengths, all instruments, we offer for sale a comprehensive range of Reeds. As well as for all the Saxophones, all the Clarinets, to the Unit or in boxes of 5 or 10 Reeds. We offer you the possibility to try a brand at the unit and after your satisfaction, then order your Reed by quantity, saving you delivery costs.

The reed used for musical purposes is a grass, Arundo Donax, called the cane of Provence in France. The species includes two main parts, a system of air (The cane itself) and an underground system comprising of two elements: The roots and rhizomes.

The first selection is going to intervene, a trained eye can distinguish the rhizomes promising of the other. When the cane reaches 6 meters, only 1.20 m to 1.80 m will be used for the production of Reeds. Soleillage, natural drying are necessary to obtain the elasticity of the reed to be satisfactory, the artificial means are to be avoided. Preparation of platelets, a machine equipped with diamond is going to run the flat part of the reed, called table, to the hundredth of a mm, the pads will be éxaminées one by one, the cane then becomes a Reed, a special machine called a Skiver, size a Reed in a hundred shot of a plane, with a precision of one hundredth of a millimêtre, a blade could cut 2000 reeds without fault, but is réaffutée three times more often to be sure of maximum accuracy. At all stages of manufacturing, many quality checks are to be made, a strong measure thicknesses at various points on the curve of the reed assured them of his compliance. Finally, music tests will be conducted on reeds taken at random and check their conformity to the standards required. Reed, plant, mythical, celebrated in the Bible and ancient egypt, will be tamed by the manufacturer and the musician in respect of its nature.

Reed continues to evolve according to its environment, the ambient temperature, and especially the difference in humidity, it is necessary always to be careful about the choices to make in relation to the place or one should play, a concert hall or a recording studio, will not give you the same results.

Recently, some manufacturers have developed an electronic selection of Reeds, which surpasses everything that has been done until now, because this selection takes into account variable like the humidity and the flexibility of the reed with precision equivalent to one tenth of the force ! A Reed will, therefore, be much more constant in quality on of the boxes, complete, containing 5 or 10 Reeds.